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Transit is Middle School (6-8)

Transit is Middle School (6-8)

Shift is High School (9-12)

Shift is High School (9-12)



6th-8th Grade meets in “The Hub” for Transit.

9th-12th Grade meets in “The Cafe” for Emerge.




9th-12th Grade meets in The Chapel.

SHIFT is our Sunday night teaching environment for students (9th-12th grade).  We gather at 5:00pm in the HUB Cafe for a free meal and a time to hang out.  Our worship time runs from 5:30-6:30pm.  We then break into small groups to discuss how to apply these truths and principles to our everyday lives.  We finish up around 7:00pm.  We typically spend 3-4 weeks in a particular series.


We offer three options for students on Wednesday nights.  One option students may choose is to serve at The Village Church, our secondary campus at Autumnwood Village, where students will play games, lead worship and teach Bible stories.  Transportation will be provided to The Village.  The church bus leaves at 5:45pm and returns around 7:00pm.  A second option is to participate in a small group in The Hub Cafe led by Hayley Croft, where students will talk about culturally relevant topics from a Biblical perspective.  A final option is to serve in Kidstown, our Children’s Ministry experience with Pastor Mara.

WHO: Students 6th-12th grades


* What do I wear? Clothes.  It’s that simple.  Just come as you are (as long as you’re covered).

* What can I expect? You can expect music (loud and awesome), engaging videos and drama, time to worship and teaching that is relevant to students’ lives.

* Do I need to bring anything? Just yourself (and as many people as you can legally fit in your car).

* What about Wednesday nights? Our Wednesday night experiences offer students the chance to serve at The Village, attend a small group or serve in Kidstown (our Children’s Ministry experience).  Wednesday nights begin at 5:45pm and last until 7:00pm.

* Is There someone I can talk to before I come? Absolutely!  If you have any questions or want to connect before SHIFT or TRANSIT, send an email to Pastor Heath at

How We Teach and Why

8b722e_722f2241fbb4d33175e4ebf322fdabb2We believe there are three things every student should experience in student ministry (and in life) – three things they must experience in order for them to have a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.  Those three things are wonder, discovery and passion – and they ultimately affect everything we do.  They pull at our hearts, drive our behavior and capture our imagination.  They are the levers our culture pulls to move us emotionally – to appeal to our souls.  We use these three things in every teaching series we do to fully engage students and point them to a God who loves them passionately and wants to connect with them in a genuine relationship.